Saturday, April 21, 2018

While We Have It... --- Day 7/54

Walk: Joe's
Distance: 2.2 miles, Yoga

      Andy Goldsworthy Spire ca 2009

So tomorrow Ciwt will give her Goldsworthy/Presidio hiking art tour.  And she will be interested to see how hidden Goldsworthy's Spire will be and the condition it is in.  When he first erected it in 2008 and the small evergreens were planted around it you could see it from just about anywhere in San Francisco.  But Goldsworthy couldn't be more distant from a "Look at Me" artist.  It was always his intention to let nature do its natural thing around Spire so that someday a hiker might just discover it in a thick grove of tall trees, maybe stand to commune or just wander on.  Some day after that Spire will be gone. The wood will have deteriorated, the debris will settle into the earth and add another layer.  And layers, not permanence, is what Goldsworthy is about.

    Andy Goldsworth Spire ca 2014

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