Saturday, April 7, 2018

Horrors --- Day 7/40

Walk: AMC Kabuki (A Quiet Place), Hood Errands
Distance: 3.8 miles

Here are some things Ciwt will walk many miles to avoid: tourists, getting involved with tourist's schedules, people who are monumentally late,  people who take pictures with or hang out on their iphones while they are supposedly on a tour, last minute changes and assignments, crowds,  racing from museum to museum in an 'atmospheric river,' being outside at all in an atmospheric river.  In a word, Ciwt has gotten to be pretty enamored of control.

So why did she give back to back art tours to a swank international group of conference goers yesterday and the day before - and spend weeks ahead of time preparing and getting anxious about the unknown?  Well, because she works with someone (who lives elsewhere) who signed her up months in advance without really explaining what was to descend on Ciwt and San Francisco.

Anyway, it is over now and Ciwt is back.  (One of these days she hopes to be able to digest her food again). On this first day of rest a movie called A Quiet Place  understandably called (softly) to her.  Off she went; it was a horror movie but very well done (though with a non-sensical plot) and Ciwt was numb enough not to be particularly horrified.

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