Wednesday, December 5, 2018

ChiroNet --- Day 7/270

Walk: Totally jammed downtown for chiropractor/shin splints
Distance: 2 miles, yoga

So, instead of hitting another flick (Creed II) or waiting for her upcoming orthopedic surgeon appointment, Ciwt decided to call her chiropractor from the days of yore.  About shin splints (or worse she feared, helped by Dr. Internet).

Expecting an extensive debrief about the where (Palm Springs), what (pickleball), how (hard surface, hard shoes), Ciwt carefully reviewed the circumstances of her pain. And began to explain in depth when she got in to his office.  "Uh Hu," he said quietly as he pressed her neck(?) not shin, "Oh," he said as he connected the hand on her neck with something around her rib cage. "Turn this way; now that way..." on he went with barely a little finger on either of her shins.

Finally the pronouncement: "There's no fracture.  Your lymph system is a little slow and backed up, so I cleared that.  Walking won't hurt your legs.  There's no particular exercise or routine you need to do.  Here's the name of a vitamin to buy (Bone Up), it should help with everything."

So, that was it.  $60, no surgeries, no braces or crutches, no horrendous downtime, no PT.  Nothing mentioned by Dr. Internet where every condition leads to death - plus Ciwt was going to live.

Getting older is sneaky business.  All of a sudden things appear.  Like shin splints.  Yogini Ciwt knows this but keeps forgetting about not consulting the internet - and checking things out at least initially with professionals in the simpler - and sometimes magical - modalities.

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