Monday, December 3, 2018

Not Ciwt's; Maybe Yours Though --- Day 7/268

Walk: AMC Kabuki (The Favourite)
Distance: 2 miles, yoga

Longtime CIWT readers  might remember Ciwt's ancestors came over from England on the ship Griffin in 1633.  That's 15 years after the Mayflower, and something Ciwt herself didn't remember until she consulted notes.  After that, English marriage after English marriage ensued until Ciwt was born - and after that even.

So maybe her dna explains why she never completely enjoys plays, books or movies that mishandle presenting the peculiarities of the English. To be sure there are many of those but comparatively few and superb are the artists who get it right. Monty Python, Oscar Wilde, Dame Edna,  Emma Thompson as well as many notable others come to mind.  And what they usually have in common is their Englishness.  Or, okay, Irishness, or Great Isleness.

When non-English artists go at the bad teeth, thin hair, strange relationship with pets, dark wooden everything,huge estates, non-stop tapestries general daffiness, part of Ciwt cringes.  Unsually this isn't done with love.  And, in spite of its many commendable qualities such as superb acting, Ciwt felt such was the case with The Favourite.  But, Ciwt is, you know, pretty thin-skinned about such matters, so please go and judge for yourself.

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