Saturday, December 22, 2018

So Different --- Day 7/287

Walk:  Hood Errands and Enjoyment, AMC Kabuki (Bumblebee)
Distance: 5 miles, Yoga

      Hailee Steinfeld and B24 in Bumblebee

It's just so different.  The movies Ciwt watched as a teen and the ones kids, teens and young adults will have in their memories.  For Ciwt, the ultimate in scary was Psycho (still is), a highly intelligent, intimate, character study in a small town setting. It revolved around an adult tracking the murderer, or ender, of a few people.  For kids today, many of their movies (like Bumblebee today) revolve around the end of the world, deaths are by the score otherworldly, flamboyant, impersonal, often by robots - and the tracker/savior is a kid.  Adults are basically pathetic but usually at the end, the savior kids are willing to put up with them more agreeably than they did at the beginning.  And the e.t. robots are vanquished - temporarily.

Just a completely different sensibility - the kid in Ciwt and kids today.  In many ways Ciwt finds this pretty awesome, the way the world has changed in her lifetime. Go (and Godspeed) kids!!

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