Saturday, December 1, 2018

Reading the Light --- Day 7/266

Walk: No, healing shin splints
Distance: 0, but nice to just read with cats on lap

Henri Matisse, Woman Reading, 1894

Woman Reading at Dressing Table, 1919              Two Women, 1939

Among the many things Ciwt admires about Henri Matisse is his courage to grow as an artist until the very end of his life.  One of his most dramatic periods of growth came when he visited then stayed extensively in the South of France. Having grown up in Northern France not far from Belgium Matisse had never seen such light.  It affected him deeply and seems to have transformed his sensibilities and art forever.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words they say, and here they are above.  The first is painted in his original palette based on the dark light in the north. The bottom paintings tell us all we need to know about his later and continual love affair with light and color.

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