Friday, January 11, 2019

Appreciating Grey --- Days 7/305 & 6

Walk: 1. Hood   2. Crissy Field
Distance: 1. 3.5 miles  2. 2 miles

The rainy weather here in San Francisco is the color of Ciwt's cats with, they say, six more days to go.  Ciwt's creative brain has returned to semi-hibernation, but she found a blog, Limitless San Francisco that puts a nice spin on What to Do When SF is Grey.

It's January. Winter, even if it is California winter, is here, and SF is cold, grey and foggy (Ciwt: and rainy). While I'd much rather have some sunshine and a comfy place outside to bask, these grey dreary days present their own bit of wonder. The mood is calm, the streets are more empty than usual, and Netflix and chill is completely appropriate.
If you do venture out, head for the best fire pit in town or into a cafe for some coffee. Bring a book, catch up with someone you love, and just take it easy. Winter is a time for rest, don't be so worried about filling your schedule or wasting the day at home. Watch a movie, read a good book, try a new recipe or have a drink. 
Take this time to focus on any resolutions you may have made, but balance them with mellow activities and good company. Add a few blankets and pretty lights to your living or bedrooms, and make yourself a winter's nest. The City will still be there when you're ready to venture out. Plus, everything starts blooming right around Valentine's Day!

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