Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Back to Class --- Day 7/297

Walk: Iyengar Yoga, Trader Joe's
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga class 

BKS Iyengar teaching sirsasana (headstand)

So, Ciwt has been her own home teacher after taking a hiatus from teaching public yoga classes.  She began the new year today back at class in a type of yoga she has more or less avoided since beginning to practice over 50 years ago.  Iyengar yoga.  It is actually the yoga she started with, pretty much the only yoga being taught back in that day.  Long holds, little movement, liberal use of props (straps, blocks, chairs, blankets galore) and extremely booooorrrring to then young athlete Ciwt.

But now perhaps just the modality to return to.  She shall see. 

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