Sunday, January 27, 2019

I Said NO Porridge --- Days 7/320, 21, 22

Walk: 1. No, chained to computer  2. No, chained to computer then club  3. Trader Joe's
Distance: 1. 0, teeny yoga    2. 0, try on dress clothes from deep in closet for club dinner, teeny yoga,
                3. 2.8 miles, Soon to do necessary Yoga

So, on Day 1 Ciwt in San Francisco got a call, text And email from her credit card company asking if she was the one charging a slew of video games in Bellevue, WA.  No, of course, and you know the rest: she was condemned to spend the rest of the day at her computer notifying various accounts about her cancelled card.

Then on Day 2 Ciwt still in San Francisco got an email from Apple telling her she was about to run out of storage on the cloud.  So, it was back to her computer for more hours of deleting old files and pictures - and reliving years of her life.  

When she was done with that second nearly complete day at her desk, she had to go to the darkest part of her closet, dust off her dress up clothes and figure out what to wear to a dinner event at her club - again reliving part of her past and capturing her thoughts.

So, today, Day Three,  she is home from the club, caught up with computer stuff for a while, recovering from the club event, and basically recovering her life.  She has no interest in thinking of things her CIWT readers might like to hear because, if she did, she would have to go Back to Her Computer to write about them.  No Thank You.  

Off now to her yoga mat on which she will do only the poses that she enjoys. Calmness will hopefully prevail .   Omm.......

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