Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cats and Eyes --- Day 7/303

Walk: SPCASF (cats annual exam)
Distance: A Few Blocks, Small Yoga

Two cats to vet for annual exam is enough for Ciwt for one day.

She might say the vet techs were ooohing and aahhing and taking pictures of Ciwt's girls.. Apparently they are quite fetching or something.  Ciwt is so busy cleaning, grooming, clipping, feeding, brushing off her black clothes (partially successfully) - and enjoying their company -  she doesn't notice.  Which reminds her of a story a friend once told her:

Her husband of 40+ years was filling out some form that required information about his wife.  At some point he called across the room, "What color are your eyes?"*

*One of Ciwt's cats has gold eyes, the other, light green.  See?  She does notice them after all. 

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