Monday, June 3, 2019

Beautifully Missing A Few 'little' Details --- Day 8/60

Walk: Embarcadero Cinema (Biggest Little Farm)
Distance:  2 miles, yoga stretch

Biggest little Farm is pretty much a must see movie, especially Ciwt thinks for young people (who know about death).  The up close videotography of all sorts of animals is fascinating, educational and a rare opportunity.  And the ups and downs of farming life are just revealing enough to convey the difficulty and heartbreak of that life choice without discouraging any young person considering it as a possibility.  The joys and successes of hard, patient work close to the earth and nature far outweigh any downside.

Ciwt loved all those aspects and the story itself of two 'city folk' giving it all up for farm life.  But, as an adult, she had adult questions.  Primarily, how did they keep going year after year?  The real world finances of Biggest little Farm make no sense; farming is an incredibly costly and risky endeavor.  The fact that this all important element was glossed over bothered Ciwt a bit.  Just a bit; it's still a must see documentary.  

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