Friday, June 7, 2019

On Her Toes --- Days 8/62, 63, 64

Walk: 1. No, Toes Stub  2. PGCC Exercise Class  3. Pickleball, bucket of balls
Distance: 1. 0, 2. 6 blocks, Exercise Class, A little Pickleball  3. 3 Pickleball Games, hit bucket of                     balls, TJ's

Remember when stubbed toes hurt like mad for a moment, then went back to normal?  Well, not all of them do that (after a certain age?).  So this week Ciwt went from full rest to cancelling a 10 day trip to the Midwest and beyond - and then to full (rank beginner) participation in, TaDa, Pickleball which has started up just down the block.*

*Well, more accurately reported, she should say she hobbled over to the Pickleball courts and stood near the net barely moving her feet while hitting 'dinks."  But, for Pickleball, turns out, that's fundamental 🌱(seedling)

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