Friday, June 14, 2019

Winged Non-Victory --- Days 8/69, 70, 71

Walk: 1. PGCC (all day: golf clinics, bridge, lecture)  2. Marin Driving Day  3. J. Kahn Courts, Clay Theater
Distance: 1. Buckets of balls, a few Blocks 2. 2.5 miles, Exercise Class  3. 2 miles, Pickleball

Not sure if the image above is of de Lorean or Alec Baldwin who personified him in one of those reenactment docudramas.  So, that's one thing the filmmakers and Baldwin got right in Framing John deLorean, the lookalike. But, by the end of the film, Ciwt felt like the first people (filmmakers) were too insistent that deLorean was some sort of misguided hero instead of the core level creep Ciwt saw on the screen - and remembers during her lifetime.  

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