Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, ....... --- Days 8/67 & 68

Walk: 1. Can't Remember, Toooo Hot  2. PGCC, Joe's
Distance: 1. ?, Easy Enjoyable  95 degree Yoga  2. 3 miles, exercise class 

So, yesterday Ciwt came home in the heat to find a helpless baby bird on her steps looking forlornly and helplessly up at her.  Of course, her heart went out as she cast around for ways to save this little orphan.  She didn't know much but she did know not to touch the baby bird because then the mother would refuse to feed it.  So Ciwt went inside to get a cardboard box to coax little birdie into.

Amazingly the chick walked right into the box.  But what next?  Now she could hear the mother frantically chirping and fluttering close so Ciwt lifted the box to a higher ledge where maybe the mother would do - what? - whatever mother birds do.  But the mother flew away and the bird thudded out of the box.

So Ciwt went inside and called various animal rescue organizations until she got an Animal Control 'ranger' on the line and asked what she should do.  His reply: Nothing, absolutely nothing, unless the bird is bleeding or close to traffic.  No on both those criteria.  So, the answer was Nothing.

And here's the explanation.  During the spring and early summer many people in urban and rural environments encounter fledgling birds and react like Ciwt by thinking they should save them.  But these babies are hopping around the ground and panicked because their mother have decided it is time for them to learn to fly and start fending for themselves.  This is is a shock to the babies - and to the humans who find them - but they and their mothers must be left to complete the task.  (Probably the mother bird was frantically chirping to Ciwt to "Get Away!  You are Not helping!").

Still thinking of the little chick's pathetic eyes and cheeps, Ciwt was doubtful about following the control guy's advice.  But at least she was able to sleep without feeling she was abetting a death.  When she woke this morning she went immediately down to the steps expecting to encounter a limp little mass of baby feathers.  Instead: nothing.  Somehow, in Mother Nature's way, the helpless bird had learned self-help.

Oh, and it turns out it is perfectly okay to handle a baby bird - and a bird's egg.  It's mother will not reject it because humans have touched it. Urban Myth for urban dwelling Ciwt.   

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