Sunday, June 9, 2019

Staycation (# 10,000 at least) --- Day 8/65 and 66

Walk: 1. SF Doc Fest, Roxie Theater (Couper Was Here and other shorts in We Have This in Common) 2. SFOpera (Orlando)
Distance: 6 miles, 5.2 miles

Home Walking Tour Day One:

    Homeless former fireperson, Couper, using skills to take care of fellow community member's broken wrist.

Home Walking Tour Day Two:

    SF Opera stars 'taking care' of  Handel's shell shocked Orlando

So, having cancelled her trips to Midwest, South and So. Cal, Ciwt strapped together her toes, defied Dr, advice, started walking and reminded herself of what an incredibly rich place her home city is.  Probably yours as well...

First stop was a Doc Fest compilation of shorts about different types of present type communities.  We Have This in Common.  Eye, mind and heart opening from beginning to end.

Then there was the classic opera, Orlando, which she left after the first act.  Who would think she would prefer learning more about homelessness over time-honored culture, but welcome to the present day and to your latest SF walking tour, Ciwt.

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