Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lucid - Perhaps... Days 8/126, 127, 128

Walk: 1. Pickleball  2. AMCKabuki (Once...) 3. Pickleball, AMC Kabuki (Luce)
Distance: 3 Hours Pickleball, some stretching  2. 2 miles  3. 2 Hours Pickleball, 4 miles

So Ciwt tried to cancel her online ticket to  Luce.  But it was too late to do that - Luckily!    She'd somehow gotten the idea it was one of those that involves you deeply in a rugged plot then just stops in mid air.  No resolution, not even a clear understanding of the problem.  In other words, a frustrating waste of time.

Not so!  Luce is terrific!  Very intelligent and skillfully acted by all the talented stars.  Thought provoking, interesting, and a sort of who-dun-it that is  resolvable after you've seen it.

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