Friday, August 16, 2019

Untouched --- Days 8/131, 8/132, 8/133

Walk: 1. John McLaren Park Pickleball, PGCC Bridge 2. Pickleball, Marin Driving 3. AMC Kabuki
Distance: 2 hours pickleball in Heat; 2 hours pickleball; 2miles 

Viveik Kalra in Blinded by the Light

Occasionally Ciwt has given tours of Andy Warhol's art to high school and college students.  And always she has been dismayed when she sees them staring uncomprhendingly at Brillo boxes, Campbell's Soup cans and even portraits of Brando, Liz Taylor and ....Elvis.  One touree was even googling Andy Warhol on his phone as she talked.  These icons were so out of their time frame that they couldn't really be touched beyond apprehending that the artist and the people he painted must have been important or meaningful.

Today Ciwt had an 'untouched' experience of her own.  In the opposite direction.  She went to Blinded by the Light, an immigrant coming-of-age movie completely based on The Boss.  Ciwt is just on the cusp a. knowing that's the nickname for Bruce Springsteen and b. not knowing his music enough to know Blinded by the Light is actually one of his most loved songs.  So like the young Warhol goers she stared a bit untouched as she watched a lovely young man become transformed by Springsteen lyrics, pictures, lore.

Blinded is a well-acted, enjoyable, heartwarming but probably most touching movie for people with deep, stirring memories of power of The Boss's anthems.

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