Thursday, January 9, 2020

Greatest of All Time --- Day 8/275

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Distance: 3 Miles

Along with Millions of other viewers Ciwt has adjusting her schedule to watch the Jeopardy Greatest of All Time. And, like all of them she's sure, her main intention is to pay tribute to one of the Greatest Broadcasters of All Time and her dinner partner for over 35 years, Alex Trebek.  The following are just the first four NYT Readers Comments from an article on the winner of Match 2.  (There are more then 150 along the same line).

* No matter how each competitor fares, the real winner will be Alex Trebek, who is facing a fearsome enemy with grace, dignity and courage.

* I just want Alex to win. I want him out of jeopardy and in Jeopardy for many more years.

* Can. Not. Wait. The buzzer strategy alone will be fascinating. This is exciting tv, and a much, much needed break from world chaos. Best of luck to all three - and three cheers, profound thanks and all good thoughts for Mr. Trebek, the epitome of class.

* Alex is the real champion, He has made the show a must see every evening.
I have spent years watching the show and actually learning from it. I don't care who wins because it is Alex and his fight against cancer that we all care about. When that contestant wrote that he loved Alex he spoke for all of us. Alex recent letter to John Lewis about being winners against cancer made me appreciate the fact that I have had the opportunity to watch him with my family all these years. He is more to us than a host, he is a man of character.

And from the contestants themselves:

In the spirit of the show, each champ was asked to describe what they admire most about Trebek in the "Jeopardy!" form of a question.
"What is his absolute professionalism?" Rutter replied. "I know how much work it takes to make it look effortless."
Jennings offered: "What is the way I see kids react to 'Jeopardy!' and Alex? Little kids who love the show and get excited when they know the answer. He symbolizes learning and knowledge to, now, a second and third generation of North Americans."
"What is goodness?" Holzhauer said. "Can you name someone who's been in Hollywood for 60 years and has never had even a minor scandal about them?"
"There's still time," Trebek joked, playing with his tie. What was that about being slow on the ad-libs?

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