Friday, January 10, 2020

Old Winner, New Tricks --- Day 8/276

Walk: Park Meeting
Distance: 2 Miles

James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings

Well, since he excels at the Huge $howdowns, Ciwt thought Brad Rutter might be ahead at this point in the Jeopardy Greatest of All Time.  And after Brad, second she thought, would be James Holzhauer who revolutionized the way the game is played with his high-priced clues first and 'all in" betting strategy.  Last on her list was Ken Jennings who is the oldest and most conservative player.  He himself was quoted in articles during Holzhauer's regular season winning streak as doubting he could be fast enough on the buzzer or have the stomach for big, risky bets.

Well, again, Jennings is excelling!  Ringing in instantly, Winning enormous bets, Coming up with impossible 'trivial' answers.  As Holzhauer said "The guy knows his (stuff). He’s got an incredibly fast buzzer thumb and now he’s armed with this all-in wagering weapon. “That’s just the complete package right there. Add to that, and perhaps most impressive,  Jennings - and all of them - are keeping their senses of humor and fun throughout.  Championship stuff; Just watching on TV is nerve wracking enough.

Right now Jennings is in position to be the GOAT with one more win when The Match resumes Tuesday the 14th.  As Holzhauer also said "We'll have to see how next week shakes out."  Yes.

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