Thursday, January 2, 2020

Right There, Ciwt --- Day 8/269

Walk: Presidio Main Post
Distance: 5 miles, Yoga

So once again this year Ciwt emerged from her holiday rabbit hole to find there was a sparkling world out there.  And, as always, it was right under the seat of her pants.  Or just down the hill in her backyard,  El Presidio de San Francisco, ie The  Presidio.  An on-going treasure trove; more in later CIWTs on that.

That seat of one's pants thing never ceases to amaze Ciwt.  You think you have to travel to points unknown for answers.  Or she does.  But nearly always what you/she's looking for is in a walk, or a book read peacefully in her living room, or grooming her cats as they purr.  For others it might be trying a new recipe, building something in their workshop, even taking a nap.  The list is endless of course.  But the wonder is the number of times Ciwt forgets this - then is amazed to finally notice what is right there under the seat of her pants.

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