Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Annals of Aging: The Good --- Day 8/321

Walk: SPCA & Hood
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga

There are days when Ciwt positively savors being old(er).  Take Slow Walking.  At boarding school she was a member of a small pack who sped up the dreaded hill to the senior house.  In New York she kept up with the fastest of the walkers.  (Probably that's an exaggeration becsuse fast walking in New York is like the wind 💨).  Until fairly recently every Ciwt walk was a mini-jog.

Then she began to notice pedestrians were passing her - a lot of them, and they were much younger than Ciwt.  At first Ciwt took this a bit personally and tried to speed up.  But over time she's come to let it be, go with the slow.  Legs ache?  Fine, she'll back off.  Injured knee hurts? Okay, baby it.  Just plain tired?  Lovely, just take your time and enjoy.  It's nice.

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