Monday, February 3, 2020

Crab Etiquette --- Day 8/301

Walk: City Guides Tour: 1850's San Francisco: Paris of the Pacific
Distance: 3 miles, small stretch

Owner of the only woman-run crab business on Fisherman's Wharf informing us about crabs.  

So, certain professions - maybe especially if you are Italian - are exclusively male.  Or were, until Tom Lazio's daughters and granddaughters became the third generation to operate 70+ year old Alioto-Lazio Fish Company*.  Now Alioto-Lazio is exclusive in another way; it's the only woman-owned and operated fresh fish company on Fisherman's Wharf.  (Maybe anywhere)?

The women's education in the fish business wasn't easily achieved.  As girls they would dress up in their school attire until thir grandfather left for his daily rounds.  Then they would quickly change into aprons and apprentice in the intricacies of preparing fresh fish for restaurants and shipping.  When he returned to drive them home, they were back in their school uniforms and he was none the wiser.  

They thought!  Shortly before he died, he expressed his appreciation to his girls for carrying on his business with its excellent reputation for quality seafood and customer service, high standards and strong work ethic.

Here's one of Tom's Lazio's granddaughters above telling those of us on the City Guides Fisherman's Wharf Tour something about crabs - including how to avoid their mighty pincers.  The crab she's holding is a male.  In fact, every crab sold out of Alioto-Lazio - and every legitimate seafood company - is male.  What?  Not discrimination: female crabs need to be protected so they can reproduce.  And they are by Huge fines, jail sentences, business shut downs and more if a female is found in any commercial fish operation.  So the crab food you're enjoying?  That's an all male thing.

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