Saturday, February 1, 2020

History*#^ Stories --- Days 8/298 & 299

Walk: 1. SF Guides Fisherman's Wharf  2. SF Guides The Castro
Distance: 1. 3.5 Miles, small yoga   2. 5 Miles, small yoga

So, did Ciwt ever tell you she got her B.A. in History?  Actually it was love at first meeting between her and history, and she was considered odd by her middle and high school friends for that.  To them history was just a bunch of boring events and dates.  And Ciwt sympathized, but she was able to just automatically fill in the people, places, stories between those dates.   She tried to get her friends to do the same but to no avail. Finally writers started presenting history the way history buffs like Ciwt took it in it.  Ie, they told the stories of history, and history became Popular.

Many of these writers are scholarly and very accurate as they bring history alive. Erik Larsen, David McCullough and many others come to mind.  And then there are the Historical Fiction writers - Auel, Chevalier, Follett, Kingsolver, Mantel, the list is long and enjoyable - who tell marvelous historically based stories but sometimes go a bit over the top - putting actual thoughts and words into the long dead minds and mouths of their subjects.

Anyway, Ciwt is enjoying her re-involvement in learning some history.  Specifically the history of San Francisco in connection with becoming a San Francisco Walking Tour Guide.  Her training starts in two weeks  and lasts 6 months, so if you are one of those who still dreads history, maybe you'll want to take a CIWT break and check back in the Fall.  Or maybe Ciwt won't actually write much about history or will write it in a way that actually holds your interest or maybe you'll miss other topics she writes about.  So, she thinks...stay tuned.

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