Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Home Sweet Art (Hopefully) --- Day 9/4

Walk: Around the Block
Distance: 6 blocks, Wall Ball, Spin, Yoga

Wassily Kandinsky, Blue Segment, 1921, oil on canvas

Here's the thing about art.  Usually when Ciwt sees a work, it stimulates a variety of responses: the effect of the work itself, questions about its origin, artist, history.  One question leads to another and off Ciwt goes to find answers. Sometimes the stimulation can last for days.

Online resources these days are fabulous.  Armchair travelers like Ciwt can go to entire museums all over the world.  But for her they don't evoke 'the jab' that engages her mind and energies like the actual presence of the work.  So this is what she misses most about art in these times.

This inherent energy in an art work can be tricky if you are interested in acquiring it. It will play around with your environment, the whole feeling of your home.  A painting that moves you in a gallery setting might feel all wrong in your personal space.  Ciwt learned that the hard way several times when she first began buying art.  Same paintings, but suddenly too negative, too shrill, too exuberant when they came into her home.  The Kandinsky above is a masterpiece of motion and musical rhythm.  But imagine it in your house. 

Ciwt hates to admit it, but her favorite Matisses would probably be too strong for her environment.

Forget the 'probably' part.  Ciwt would have to move out if she owned his Harmony in Red (1908)  because it would totally take over.  But that is not a problem Ciwt will ever face.

On the other hand, her latest and gifted work, cute, zingy little Dinobird  is just perfect on her deck.  But, truth be told, Dino's photo had been viewed and discussed on line with her artist friend, K. Libbey Nash, long ahead of time. The wonderful surprise was that so much time went by that Ciwt had nearly forgotten Dino when he arrived.

So, what is Ciwt getting at here?  Just cautioning that art (all art: music, films, books, ..) hugely stimulates the brain so take your time letting it in to your home. 

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