Monday, April 13, 2020

Starting 9 with a (Quiet) Bang --- Day 9/2

Walk: Goldsworthy's Spire 
Distance: 2.4 miles, and the new Wall Ball(!)

Wall Ball

So, if you haven't seen one, that black and blue object is a pickleball paddle. In front of it is an orange/yellow ball waiting to be hit by Ciwt right into the middle of that blue 'U.'  It's a foam ball special ordered by Ciwt. (Minimum order was 24, so if you're interested......) One of the complaints about pickleball is how much noise the ball makes, but this one is Totally Silent so Ciwt can hit and hit and hit and miss and hit again until she's out of the shelter doldrums.

Wall Ball is an old Ciwt habit actually.  Ciwt's family had a tennis backboard, and, whenever anything was on her mind, she'd go down to it and hit and hit and miss and slam harder sometimes for hours.  It was great, so this mini-version of wall ball destressor feels great.

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