Thursday, April 30, 2020

TJ's Smooth Yoga Retreat --- Day 9/19

Walk: Trader Joe's!
Distance: 3.4 Miles

Mural at 'Ciwt's' Trader Joe's

After 7 weeks of having her groceries delivered, Ciwt decided a walk to Trader Joe's was essential to her sanity, wallet and tastebuds.  Having heard about the super long lines and thinking of the usual circus that is TJ's she packed her Kindle, donned her beanie and prepared for tense hours in line.

But when she got to that line, it was so organized she felt like she'd gone on a wonderful vacation.  Good old Trader Joe's, nice to see you again.  Joe's crew had put down red tape lines 6 feet apart so there wasn't any tension about exactly how far apart to stand.  People were in their proper spots, all masked, gloved and respectful.  It wasn't that long, and it moved And it gave Ciwt an opportunity to do some yoga type stretches and quiet warm ups.  (That's the beauty of yoga; you can do it anywhere, anytime).  One by one others around her in line picked up on what she was doing and pretty soon many of them were rolling their shoulders, stretching their hamstrings, standing on one leg.  Good, healthy energy, and Ciwt loved seeing that.

When she got to the door she also loved seeing how totally together TJ's was at the entry point.  One of the crew was supervising and told her when it was okay for her to enter. The cars and baskets were already! sanitized, so she could just grab whichever (or both if she wanted) and go on in.

And there was all her usual and favorite stuff.    Beginning with 
her Alstroemeria lilies!  All very orderly (for Trader Joe's...), and when she checked out she thanked the crewmember.  He said, "We've worked hard to make a trip to Trader Joe's a pleasant and smooth experience for our shoppers at this time."

Yes, so smooth, and the first outing Ciwt would call 'normal' in 8 weeks.

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