Friday, May 15, 2020

Life Review --- Day 9/34

Walk: Wells Fargo and Hood
Distance: 2 Miles, Pedal, Yoga

So somewhere in her recent internet travels, Ciwt found and downloaded an article on Life Review, particularly of 'An Old Never-Married Single.'  She just re-encountered it; here are a few points.

* According to it, life review is a 'normal, healthy and essential process (not some pathological preoccupation with memories) which serves as a means for evaluating and giving meaning to life.'

* '.....the main advantage of choosing singlehood is the freedom and ability to have exclusive control over one's life.'

* 'In modern individualistic societies, men and women find greater value in their personal development and advancement, preferring freedom and liberty to shape their lives according to their personal inclinations.'

* 'When people who have lived at peace with their singlehood for many years reach old age, they experience only the physical solitude of living alone - to which they have been accustomed throughout adulthood."

Ciwt would only comment that this being a 'never-married single,' is a long process affected by circumstances, life events and the accumulation of decisions re: same.  And in making their choices to the best of their abilities at the time, they are not thinking things like 'how can I have exclusive control over my life?' although that is is where their decisions might lead.

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