Wednesday, May 20, 2020

U-shaped Shelves --- 9/39

Walk: Presidio and Hood
Distance: 4 miles

                    No                                Yes*

What kitchen novice Ciwt learned on the internet 💋 today:

1. The size pot she needs is the 3 quart, not the 6 quart she ordered. (video)
2. How to operate it when the proper pot arrives. (video)
3. Amazon will arrange home UPS pick ups (for the heavy 6 quart pot). (internet chat)
4. If you have small, shallowish shelves, try arranging your pantry items in a 'U' shape (with                    openness in the center) so you can actual see things in the back. (online blog)
5. You do Not need hundreds of $$ of fancy containers.  (Ciwt figured this out all by herself)

*Neither of these photos are of Ciwt's now U-shaped pantry shelves. Hers are pretty empty, except of course for cat food 😸

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