Sunday, August 9, 2020

It's Mine! --- Days 9/114, 115 and 116

Walk: 1. No, donation project  2. No, donation project  3. Presidio, project over                                    Distance:  1. Yoga 2. Yoga 3. 2.5 miles, yoga

Oh, there you all are, Loyal Readers.  Ciwt has been so preoccupied with all her what to give/what to keep decisions she has been neglecting you.  

At first it was easy to know exactly what she was done with and happy to give away.  Then came the things that she had to think a bit harder about.  And finally came those things she absolutely knows she will probably never use or wear again BUT needs to keep.  Why?  She isn't sure, but for some reason she simply isn't ready to let them go.  The tidiness people would be soooo disappointed in her, but there it is.

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