Friday, October 23, 2020

Court Flower --- Day 9/190

Walk: Friday Hood Errands (NOT pickleball)                                                                                              Distance: 5.3 miles, Yoga

Not Ciwt; Someone who went on to win a major tournament

So, maybe if she writes about it ....Here goes.

How Pickleball works, at least at the public courts Ciwt plays on, is you show up and, when a court becomes open, the next four people waiting go on and play doubles.  Then, if there is no one waiting, those four might stay on and play another game. Sounds simple, but wait.

The other day - the last time she played - Ciwt was playing with her foursome.  When her team won, the players decided to switch sides and play again.  So, Ciwt started walking over to the other side of the court.  When she got there, she found herself completely alone.  Abandoned.  One by one, as sides were being changed,  each of the other three players had gone off to play with other people leaving Ciwt, as she said, completely alone, just standing there.

It was not fun and it still bothers her.  What was it about?  Her personality? Age?  Not her game because she was at least as good as the other players.  A mystery, unsolved and still on Ciwt's mind.

So, this is the same problem that she experienced the first time she got involved with pickleball.  Not being abandoned but the discomfort and 'people games' people start playing because there are (way) more players than courts.  Some people start hogging the court and not getting off, others scowl at and criticize their partner if they can't play with the person they prefer; then there is the slamming the ball really hard at the opponent or running all over the court to hit every ball.  This is the first time Ciwt ever saw total abandonment and unfortunately it happened to her.  

Felt like 7th grade dancing school only, instead of being a Wall Flower, she was a Court Flower. 

In case you wonder why there might be no more CIWT pickleball entries.......

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