Thursday, November 19, 2020

100 --- Day 9/215

 Walk: Hood                                                                                                                                                   Distance: 4 miles, yoga stretch

So the other day (November 15 to be exact) the artist Wayne Thiebaud turned 100.  

Remarkable but perhaps appropriate for a man whose art is as 100% American as apple pie. Lemon chiffon pie, actually. He particularly loves those, has painted them often and has said about them "the white top, with its burnt edges, is like a snow bank with the sun shining through."  
Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920), Lemon Meringue Pie, 1964

And that love for his images - from diner food and utensils, to farm and cityscapes, to portraits of the daily things, people and animals in his life - shines through every one of his works.  Something in the simple directness of his presentations is deeply stirring.  Partly this comes from his respect for the classical fundamentals of art: the flat geometry of triangles, rectangles, circles cones, the deep shadows created by light and perspective, the kind of energy you can impart with color and brushwork.  

But what really shines through is Wayne Thiebaud himself.

He still attends as many of the openings and tribute occasions as he can make so Ciwt has enjoyed the pleasure of a bit of Thiebaud's kind, dignified and softly sparkling presence. His first and long time art dealer until his death, Allan Stone, paints a lovely fuller picture of the man: "I have had the pleasure of friendship with a complex and talented man, a terrific teacher and cook, the best raconteur in the west with a spin serve, and a great painter whose magical touch is exceeded only by his genuine modesty and humility.  Thiebaud's dedication to painting and his pursuit of excellence inspire all who are lucky enough to come in contact with him.  He is a very special man." 

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