Sunday, November 1, 2020

Another Horologist! --- Day 9/199

Walk: No                                                                                                                                         Distance: 0, Housework, then too stunned to move after reading August Wilson's Fences

Fjodor van den Broek*, stand back!  Ciwt has a friend who has been changing her clocks to the exact minute every Daylight Savings Time since she has known her.  (We met when we were both in college, so many DSTs ago).  And, here we see from photos sent she has done it again!!!  

In case you have any doubts, look above.  Every clock reads precisely 8:07.  Meanwhile, Ciwt has taken a quick look at some of her clocks which read: 3:42, 3:43, 3:43 and ....3:48.  Already!  

It is Not easy being a horologist.  Just ask Fjodor and Ciwt's friend, Betsy.

*In case you didn't have time to read CIWT yesterday, he is the official keeper of the clocks and precise time at Windsor Castle.  His title is Horological Conservator.

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