Monday, November 30, 2020

Perplexment --- Days 9/223, 224 & 225

 Walk: 1. Thanksgiving ramble  2. No  3. Monday errands                                                           Distance: 1. 4.5 miles  2. 0, wee yoga  3. 4 miles, yoga

Three days with no CIWT inspiration!??  Oh dear, Ciwt usually gets a bit brain blah at this time of year.  Now after 9 months and counting of covid restrictions, well..... To counteract all that she made a return to the pickleball courts.  Maybe she'll tell you how that's going. 

As you may be aware, pickleball is a fun sociable game and a good way to get outdoors for some exercise. The pickleball welcome mat is out for whoever wants to show up.  It is come one, come all, and usually they do - in droves. 

When the droves arrive at Ciwt's venue they find just a few courts available for 90 minutes max.  So the trick is to 1. get on a court and 2. with players that are a good match for you. 

This is much easier said than done.  With so many people and limited courts it doesn't take long before everybody is working hard just to get on the court. Some people being considerate to others, others hog the court and start forming cliques, some are experienced in the game, some truly terrible, some healthy, some hobbling, some taking injurious spills, most old - except when they bring their little grandchild 😠.

And in the midst of all that Ciwt starts unravelling but doing her best not to show it.  She has heard lots of people are very comfortable - even love - crowds and unstructured commotion.  Not Ciwt. To her competing for place on pickleball a court feels like hailing a rush hour cab in New York.  Her energy gets increasingly diverted, and silently around the bend she starts going. 

Then the 90 minutes are up and it is home to put Ciwt back together again.   

Was that fun?  Perplexing.....

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