Monday, July 17, 2023

Bureaucracy Unlimited --- Day 12/201

Walk: CA DMV, SF Assessor's Office, Asian Art Museum

Distance: 6.5 miles

King of Hell, 1600-1800, China or Korea, Ink and colors on silk, Museum Rietberg, Zurich 

So this was a big day with bureacracy for Ciwt.  It started with her appointment at our DMV to renew her drivers license.  No doing it on line this year.  (Probably an age thing) So it was the full test passing, picture (👵) taking, line after line standing process.  Luckily Ciwt passed all the hurdles so it was off to City Hall next to handle a property tax matter.  More lines, more windows.  But once again, all done.

After all those encounters with bureaucracy, Ciwt was looking forward to some calm.  So she headed off to our Asian Art Museum across an open plaza from City Hall.  She got her ticket and headed for its current exhibition: Hell: Arts of Asian Underworlds.  

And wouldn't you just know it; Asian Hell is a netherworld bureacracy.  Above you see the King of Hell sitting at his desk dealing with mounds of paper work. Meanwhile the people are waiting in line with their necessary forms which they can only hope will get properly processed.  Or,... well, we don't want to go there (like the unlucky souls being tortured at the bottom of the silk painting).

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