Thursday, July 13, 2023

Joanie: Elegant and Comfortable --- Day 12/197

Walk: Presidio

Distance: 6 miles

Joanie Char

Meet Joanie Char standing at her work station in the store she has kept open and busy for the last 15 years.  Before that she was a few blocks away for many years and even before she had Joanie Char stores all over the world and her garments featured in Nordstrom and other fashionable department stores.

Not bad for a young girl who came alone to San Francisco at age 19 with little but a degree in Fashion Design she had just earned in London.

To this day, all garments in her store are personally designed by Char and individually created and fitted to her customers.  She told Ciwt she has dressed many famous people but really pays so little attention to their fame they often have to introduce themselves to her.  Like Cate Blanchett.  As Joanie was fitting her when she was in San Francisco to make Blue Jasmine she said "You are tall and such a pretty woman.  What do you do?" Cate answered nicely, "Thank you. I am a movie actress."  "Oh, that's nice."

Cate turns out to be a big fan of Joanie's along with Hillary and many more women who come to her from around the world (or locally like Ciwt).

Cate Blanchett in Joanie Char 

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