Friday, June 14, 2024

Bouquets to Bouquets --- Days 13/162, 3 & 4

Walks: deYoung Museum (Bouquets to Art), Hood/Presidio
Distances: 5 miles average

So, the deYoung Museum's annual fund raiser is Bouquets to Art in which local floral experts echo the look and feel of designated paintings with live designs.  No simple task in general and even less simple in the details.  

The designers must conceive of their creations months in advance then find sources and order the flowers, vases and any other accessories. Then comes the nerve wracking wait to see that all these things arrive on time and in excellent condition. If all this happens on time (big if), it is on to the arrangement stage.  The most incomprehensible to Ciwt part of the artistic process comes next: Keeping the arrangement healthy, vibrant, and flawless during 1. the trip to the museum (often long and through unpredictable traffic) and 2. the entire one week event.  Anyone who has ever brought a small bunch of cut flowers home from Trader Joe's or other places knows how how they look a week later, even with daily pinching, cutting, re-watering.  Imagine doing this in the drafts created by crowds walking by and standing within inches and the fluxuating temperaturesof vast museum rooms.  Ciwt is a wreck just thinking about it.

So kudos to the talented designers and welcome to a few pictures of the 40th Annual Bouquets to Art.


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