Sunday, June 9, 2024

How It Is Done --- Days 13/158 & 159

Walk: No, too cold; No cold and windy again, Drive to ACT for The Lehman Trilogy

Distance: .5 miles, 1.2 miles

John Heffernan (Henry Lehman), Howard W. Overshown (Emanuel Lehman), and Aaron Krohn (Mayer Lehman) in 'The Lehman Trilogy' at A.C.T.’s Toni Rembe Theater

Now, that's how it's done!  Actors playing multiple parts, changing into different sexes, ages, people before your very eyes so seamlessly that the audience goes right along with them.  And that's how a minimal set and perfectly attuned music can enhance a play.  So spare, so succinct and synced, The Lehman Trilogy Ciwt saw yesterday at our ACT Theater was poetry in live motion.

San Francisco has waited five years since the National Theatre's staging of The Lehman Trilogy transferred to the U.S. and opened at the Park Avenue Armory on March 22, 2019.  A long time but the play is not the least bit dated and, Ciwt assumes, just as good as that first New York performance.  So Ciwt thinks, if you ever have an opportunity to see The Lehman Trilogy, take it. and she may go again before it leaves town for many more years.

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