Sunday, June 16, 2024

Huh? --- Days 13/165 & 166

Walks: Hood and Past New Home

Distances: 5 miles

So, salmonlike, Ciwt swam upstream to open houses for decades looking for the one that felt as much like home as her one for 41 years.  Her wish list was very short and exacting and her hope level was ebbing near to rock bottom. Then, a month ago, it happened!  She walked in and knew instantly This was home.

And as of two days ago, it is.  How does she feel now about this long and now successful quest?  

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Her new home is still in some 'idea' place in her mind; not real.  Not sad. More like stunned.

She knows it is light-filled, gracious, quietly elegant, in 'her' exact neighborhood.  She even knows a couple of her neighbors who are the best possible.  

Tomorrow she will actually go into it.  (Her contract gave the sellers time to move out).  Then probably her home will begin moving from idea to actual in her mind.

Some part of her senses, that many/most people have a similar Wha??? (non)feeling when a long worked for finish line is all at once behind them.  

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