Friday, June 28, 2024

Nope, Not Today --- Days 13/176-181

Walks: Back and forth, back and forth between 2 homes

Distances: average 3 miles


So Ciwt would love to be on her way to her new home so she could begin to make it her own and to be out of her current home - so she could sell it.  But, no, instead she has become a "master" electrician, painter, handyman, decorator/designer and other new talents.  She had forgotten there is usually a bunch of  property preparation jobs necessary before moving while walls, etc are easily accessible.  Luckily those jobs are small ones in her new place that passed all inspections with flying colors.  Still, she has needed to communicate in all sorts of  'to the trade' languages that are completely new to her.  

Sorry, dear readers, no way is any of this interesting to you.  The good news: moving day, July 10 is around the corner, she will be moving into one of the few properties around San Francisco with no deferred maintenance - and new CIWT topics are on the horizon.

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