Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fred -- Day 33

I've gone away for a few days. In the old days, I might have been driving away in Fred, my 1965 Porsche 356. This was the last year of the famous body style that established the name Porsche all over the world. According to a boyfriend/car enthusiast at the time, these cars were called "Fred"s. Searching the web now I don't see any explanation for this, so maybe it wasn't true. But I believed it then, and always thought of my car as Fred.

Maybe it was the color. With all respects to Freds everywhere - and written by a Linda, one of my least favorite names, Fred can be kind of a drab name. And it turns out - and perhaps the reason my Fred was affordable to my very meager wallet - the least popular 356 color ever was Fred's: Togo Brown.

I saw one of his brothers parked on the street a block away from my place the other day. Probably not my Fred because he had rust - which was a lethal condition in Porsche's of that era due to poor undercoating and sitting in salty air at the docks when they were imported to the States from Germany.

Porsche 356 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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