Monday, February 20, 2012

Odious Comparisons and Getaway Car -- Day 44

Walk: R/T Fillmore -Trader Joes, Mindful Body, Teach class
Distance: 3.8 miles and teach class

Today I feel like just getting away. Maybe all that Bluegrass/Railroad/Get Out of Dodge energy from the 7 hour Warren Hellman tribute still plays with me. And there is also a sort of edgy self-critical comparison with him I want to get away from. Yes, he was monumentally great: productive, phenomenally self-made, Generous to a fault, married forever, father, grandfather to amazing children who are probably very grounded and self-confident, etc, etc. And, yay!, but also let me slink away...

Actually, let me drive away in this car parked just outside my door:

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