Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Live -- Day 49

Walk: R/T Mindful Body, Teach, R/T Stockton-Sutter Garage/Union Square
Distance: 16 blocks and Teach

Saturday energy. Taught my 11:30 class and then back downtown to hopefully complete the shopping mission I've been on for the last two days then to Trader Joe's and then to the gas station/car wash where I finally admitted Saturday Energy defeat.

Saturday energy is nutso energy. Everyone is out and seems like every person feels the city is theirs exclusively. Family and friends walk in phalanxes oblivious to the the thought people behind them might want to get by. Groups of women stand directly at the bottom of Macy's elevator discussing what they might do next. Crowds stand helplessly watching for them to make up their minds. I'm sure you can imagine the line of cars waiting to park at Trader Joe's, but even I was surprised at the line up at the gas station/car wash. It was like Dodgum cars - people coming from nowhere, wheeling into open spaces or crossing 4 lanes to pull in front of the vacuum. Again this sense that everyone was just doing their own thing with no awareness of others.

Saturday energy is weird energy. I usually lay low and would have today except for the shopping thing I had to accomplish. But at the end, I did what everyone else was doing - took care of myself. Pulled out of the car wash line, wheeled around a few waiting cars, peeled onto to Geary Street and drove myself for and by myself home where my cat was eagerly waiting for me. Because, of course, it was Her Saturday too.

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