Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl grins - Day 29

Walk: R/T Kabuki for early film screening, R/T Sacramento St. errands, R/T SPQR lunch

Distance: 5 miles

Went for an early screening of a movie with Film Club at the Kabuki. 10 am Sunday morning - a great time slot. But not so great a movie, 'Salt and Pepper,' an Italian unfunny, melancholy, flat, downer 'comedy.' I always cringe when I hear something is a comedy because people's ideas of what is comedy can vary widely and few seem to resonate with my comedy sense.

Let's see who/what I've found funny. When I was young, I liked Jerry Lewis and Danny Kaye on the big screen - which wasn't all that big in those days. On TV I loved Jack Benny. A little later I liked the original Pink Panther and loved, loved, loved 1,000 Clowns but don't think it was actually a comedy. Changing genres, Huckleberry Finn made me laugh out loud when I first read it in college, and Mark Twain was one funny man. Later came Butch Cassidy. Much later was Pulp Fiction. See what I mean? I almost never think movies are funny, and I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor. Maybe more titles will start coming to mind as I watch the Super Bowl.

My parents were both extremely entertaining and funny, and one of my brothers missed his calling as a stand up comedian. They - and all humor to me - were/are in the moment. Comedy comes and then it's gone. To me it can't (often) be sustained the length of a movie or book. It's the zap of it that works, the unexpected, the outrageous moment - not the sustained pun or play on words or on life that often is Jewish comedy or movie comedy.

Don't you just love that I've taken on this Huge topic and am spending about two minutes cruising through it? Oh well, it's my blog.

Look: They grow in the ground too; not just out of glass vases!

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