Friday, February 24, 2012

Name That Wildflower Pt. 2 -- Day 48

Walk: Around Union Square and Fillmore Street
Distance: Not much. Maybe 20 blocks, but tried on clothes which takes So much energy

Excellent Classes I won't be taking:

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Greetings Park Academy Fans,

With the start of spring, we're taking a closer look and learning more about the natural wonders in our parks that will be flourishing during the coming season.

Botanical Latin
Thursday, March 1, 1—3:30 pm

The class will look at some common Latin and Greek roots for plant names and botanical terms, and will also use some simple rules of thumb to pronounce plant names with confidence. We may even try our hand at creating a new name or two!

Introduction to Lichens of Muir Woods
Tuesday, March 6, 9 am—Noon

What are lichens? How did lichens evolve and how diverse are they? Where do lichens grow in California? Join Tom Carlberg and Shelly Benson from the California Lichen Society to answer these questions and many more through a presentation and field observations in beautiful Muir Woods!

Life Histories and Conservation of Snowy Plovers and Sanderlings
Thursday, March 8, 3—4:30 pm

This presentation highlights the Snowy Plover and Sanderling, two species of shorebirds found along Pacifica's ocean shore that are often confused for each other. The life histories of these two birds will be examined, as well as the conservation challenges they both face.

Plant Terminology - General and Vegetative Plant Terms (Part 1)
Tuesday, March 13, 1—4 pm

This class will provide an introduction to the botanical terms commonly used in identification of plants. Part 1 will focus on general and vegetative plant terms such as leaf arrangement, shape, venation, tips and bases, surfaces, and more.

Plant Terminology - Flower and Inflorescence Terms (Part 2)
Tuesday, March 20, 1—4 pm

This class will provide an introduction to the botanical terms commonly used in identification of plants. Part 2 will cover flower and inflorescence terminology; for example, floral structure, perianth forms, ovary position, inflorescence type, and so on.

Erosion Control
Thursday, March 22, 9—11:30 am

Erosion can contaminate the park's water resources, increase the maintenance needs on park facilities, and reduce the quality of the park's natural areas. Tamara Williams (NPS, Natural Resource Manager) and Caroline Christman (Conservancy, Project Manager) will discuss how to consider erosion control concerns during project design, during project implementation, and after a project has been implemented.

Field Soils
Tuesday, March 27, 1—4 pm

Join the very knowledgeable Stephen Andrews (UC Berkeley Professor, specializing in soils) for a hands-on class to learn the testing and soil-making process that goes into a successful restoration project.

Plant Taxonomy
Thursday, March 29, 1—4:30 pm

Vanessa Stevens (former Presidio Trust Biological Technician) will lead this workshop focusing on beginner plant ID, with an emphasis on practice in the field. While the Jepson Manual is the gold standard for advanced botanists in California, the class will discuss and employ the full range of plant ID resources available to the beginner.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Clara Voigt
Park Academy Coordinator

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