Saturday, February 4, 2012

Palace of the Legion of Honor -- Day 28

Walk: R/T Mindful Body to teach class, R/T garage, drive to Palace of the Legion of Honor for lecture at wrong museum
Distance: 18 blocks, teach and deck garden

In the Bay Area words often get in the way. Here's a picture travelogue of my day just after teaching my Saturday class.

Hmmm, wonder what you're contemplating:

Wasn't expecting this. Lovely and good luck:

Oh no, the lecture I came to hear is at the de Young. Wrong museum. I wasn't expecting this either but now don't feel so guilty about not walking the 3 plus miles to the Palace and having to make the trek home.

Goodby Mr. Thinker. Still wonder what thoughts you're lost in.

Oh, now I see. You're just totally enjoying your view. You sit on one of the truly greatest sites in the world.

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