Monday, April 23, 2012

Apple Store Stockton Street -- Day 106

Walk: Union Square to Apple Store to SFMOMA to Sutter Street Muni
Distance (so far): 20 blocks + 2 Miles R/T to Chestnut Street Apple Store = 44 Blocks

Even if you're not much of a shopper, one step into an Apple Store and you know you are in a very special retail situation.  These stores are truly a bit breathtaking for their supremely easy access, minimalist, clean lines, friendly and 'real' staff who also happen to be Apple geniuses - and for the fact that the whole world in its variety seems to be hanging out there totally engaged in the products and/or conversations with the staff.  It is just so alive and present. 

And, as I say, smart.  I went for a workshop then stopped and talked with a young attractive staff person in blue tee (their uniform) about a problem I was having with a (for Apple) older iphone.  She listened, asked me a couple of questions and then told me what I needed to do - including all back ups in case anything failed.  The result of 'anything failing' would be total wipeout of my entire phone - so the consequences were dire.  She said things would be fine if I did what she said. I didn't believe this was possible, but I did believe her and that she did believe it was possible - even for me.  So, trusting her, I came home, went ahead, and as I write the new, latest operating system has just actually been installed on my older phone.  In other words, she was exactly right.  And totally clean, attractive, nice, just engaged in my situation to the point of solving it.  No condescension - in this age when kids at coffee counters act superior.

Another world.  Once again envisioned by Steve Jobs - and, once again, implemented against all advice and projections.  From Wikipedia we read:  Several publications and analysts predicted the failure of Apple Stores, based on sales made per square foot which was a standard metric in computer retail at the time. It was thought that because of the stores' diminutive size and non-aggressive sales team, Apple would succeed in presenting the Mac but fail in making a significant number of sales...However, Apple proved its critics wrong and by 2007 it ranked among the top retailers in the world.....According to Fortune $4,032 per square foot, Apple is eating everyone's lunch."

I've just talked myself into another walk down to the Chestnut Street Apple Store in the Marina (2 Miles R/T)

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