Friday, April 20, 2012

Mill Valley Redux -- Day 103

Walk: R/T JCC
Distance: 16 blocks and 2 Fitness Classes

Every time I go to Mill Valley I find myself thinking "And I don't live here because...?"  It has 'it all": Right at the base of an enormous network of old, maintained hiking trails, Redwoods and beautiful nature In Abundance, a casual, genteel lifestyle, a "perfect' downtown, outstanding bookstore, Beautiful library(and well-attended; ie, people here value books).  The list goes on.  See some of it for yourselves:

Once again (see yesterday's post for more), the Library:

The Depot, a bookstore and coffee shop:


An art house theater and annual film festival:

I'm sure you get the picture and can imagine cute shops, excellent food venues, even 'my Dead friend' Bob Weir's new Sweetwater Music Hall:

I think the answer for me may lie in the candid I shot of Mill Valley's City Hall.  I was standing in front of Sweetwater looking directly across at City Hall and just as I pushed the button on my iphone a car drove by*.  Unwittingly I had captured the 'too much'/too good to be true quality of Mill Valley that I think would be difficult energy for me to thrive in.  Or not...

* Keep forgetting not everyone necessarily knows or cares about cars.  This one is a new model Porsche - probably costing @$80,000 +

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