Saturday, April 14, 2012

Berlin? Day 97

Walk: R/T Mindful Body
Distance: 8 blocks and teach yoga class

Today's fantasy trip is to Berlin. From time to time I plan trips - go to Expedia for flights and hotels, look on line for things like guides or recommended sights or traveler feedback. I approach it as if I'm really going to take the trip - and pretty much think I will as I make all the plans. As the time gets nearer, I usually don't go. Some trips have been cancelled hours before airline take off time.

Most people actually take the trips they plan, but I bet I have a few kindred spirits out there who plan, book, then don't go and unbook....

Berlin Cathedral

Brandenburg Gate


WW II chills still linger in and around these edifices as I look at them. But they say Berlin is an amazing and important place to experience in person. Maybe I'll get there...

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