Friday, April 6, 2012

One Dog Story, Part 2 -- Day 89

Walk: Neighborhood and Trader Joe's
Distance: 3.5 miles and tried on entire closet (sort of) for NYC trip. Everything was fine, then I read rain is expected and wind from N at as much as 25 mph! Time to rethink.

His name is Bear!!

I talked with his owner and even told her about posting an entry about Bear, and how dear he is to all the neighbors. Her name is Leslie, and she was thrilled to hear this. Such a warm, nice person. He had a stroke on his spine when he was quite young (8 months?). The family felt that by the time they had gotten him through the initial recovery, there was No Way they were going to put him down - particularly since her husband was about to go in for knee replacement surgery. Their hearts couldn't possibly enable the husband to have a new life while taking Bear's.

She said I'm not the first to stop and talk to her about Bear. Many people do. She said people driving by will even stop their cars and get out to meet Bear, talk with her, hear his story and tell her what a wonderful thing she is doing and how instantly heartwarming it is to see him - even just driving by.

So, many people carry Bear with them. What an ambassador of love and kindness.

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