Friday, May 4, 2012

Genius Fits Gaultier --- Day 117

Walk:  R/T car/de Young, Gaultier exhibition, R/T Mindful Body
Distance: 1.5 miles and yoga class

I believe J.P. Gaultier is a genius.  What that word, genius, means to me is of course indescribable as it is for everyone who has ever tried to define it.  But to me it has something with brain synapses - either having more of them, or having them be more permeable or perhaps having less - the result in any case being a synthesizing of information where other brains would stop or categorize or declare further association impossible.  Gaultier

Gaultier takes a variety of elements - leather, feathers, shells, pony hide, war, sexuality - with all of their histories - eg, harnesses, whips, war bonnets, African masks, ancient valuable trading commodities, the horse in history, all that is war, all that is sexuality - mixes them together and just streams them like a geyser from his font of creativity into exquisitely crafted garments like no one has ever seen before.

There's an amorality here - like in all genius I believe.  Not an angry, provocative amorality.  The authentic amorality that always accompanies the new.  The new just shows up as is, and then we/man put judgments on it.  Freshness surrounds the new and energy radiates from it.

Just one of Gaultier's creations (and they extend also into marketing, retailing, entrepreneurship and other realms) would get anyone's attention.  Two or three would be quite amazing .  But to me it is genius when these creations just flow again and again and again, year after year, decade after decade.  This is highly unusual thinking.  Genius I believe.

This creation with nautilus shell breasts, shells galore and sequins is way beyond my iphone camera (or is it me), so let's just stay with a model on crutches wearing a priceless designer gown in a fashion show.  When/where have you seen such an image?  It (to me) is absolutely brand new - it stops my mind.  I have to kind of create a new category to embrace it.  The gown itself is enough (trust me) but that it is made for a physically impaired woman who is presented as simply one among many models in a show is I believe.. ....genius.

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